How I got my first Bed Bath & Beyond coupon

Now after I got it, I retroactively realize it’s obvious, or should I say a norm, to redeem a coupon when shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond. It actually didn’t cross in my mind that saving a few bucks with a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon could be that easy!

Yesterday when my friend asked if I’d like to join her in her shopping spree I was like “sure, where do you wanna start at?”. To make long story short, she pointed at Bed Bath & Beyond.

She gave me a nice $10 coupon which “convinced” me to purchase a shiny new shower curtain (Park B. Smith® Escondido Shower Curtain) at a discounted price. It’s really nice to have these coupons and from now on I’m definitely going to check Bed Bath & Beyond more often.